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and are North America's leading distributor of semiochemical products, bio pesticides, certified organic and traditional pesticides including Verbenone, MCHODC Colloidial Chitosan and Pheromone based traps, repellents and attractants for the control of Mountain Pine, Douglas-Fir, Ips and Spruce beetles and other forest insects to professional foresters, local, state and federal governmental agencies, land managers and private land owners. 

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MCH Douglas-fir and Spruce Beetle Repellent, Bulk

MCH Bubble Cap - Bulk qty.

Min. Order 10 pcs.

FREE US Shipping, Canada $25

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Mountain Pine Beetle MPB #2 Lg Combo

Proven results, Baseline 23.4% Bifenthrin combined with the penetrating power of Surf King Plus spreader activator. Combo includes Baseline Bifenthrin 1 Qt and Surf-King Plus 1 Qt. Combo makes 400 Gal finished spray solution.


SPLAT Verb Verbenone

SPLAT Verb is an environmentally friendly repellent that provides sustained and controlled release of the verbenone anti-aggregation pheromone. Verbenone is naturally produced by MPB and by several other species of bark beetle towards the end of a mass attack. The presence of verbenone signals new MPB approaching the infested tree that it is already too overcrowded to serve as a suitable host.
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Sultan Miticide

Sultan Miticide now provides ornamental growers a different mode of action for outstanding mite control. Sultan Miticide – with active ingredient cyflumetofen – offers growers a powerful, targeted and novel tool needed to control mites quickly as part of a chemical or Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

Active Ingredient: Cyflumetofen 18.7%


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Verbenone Pine Beetle Repellent, Bulk

Verbenone pouch - Bulk qty.

Min. Order 5 pcs.

FREE US Shipping, Canada $25

In stock, ships within 24 hours.

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Walnut Twig Beetle Lindgren Trap

Walnut Twig Beetle Lindgren 4-Funnel Traps, The most effective and user-friendly beetle traps used worldwide.

Trap Type - Pheromone Trap, Lures Sold Separately

From $34.92
Our Contech 7 gm. Verbenone is the favorite of the Forest Service and BLM again for 2014! That makes it an unprecidented 7 years in a row!

The USFS & BLM chose our Contech verbenone in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and now again in 2014 for its purchase of verbenone pouches. At 7 gm our Contech Verbenone is the highest output verbenone pouch available...

A Little Pine Beetle Humor! Who would have thought?
2012 brings hundreds of new products and lower pricing at We are very excited to offer North America's widest range of semiochemical products, biopesticides and pheromone products for the forestry industry. We are constantly adding to our range so please register on our site, this will enable you to keep up to date with any new products.

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